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Homemade baked goods at Brown Dog Coffee Company

Catering Menu

Size Lead Time Cost
Brewed Coffee up to 10 gallons 5 hours
Airpot about 10/8oz cups ½ gallon $10
Carafe about 20/8oz cups 1 gallon $14
Condiments a package of 1 sleeve 8oz cups,1 quart ½ & ½ ,2 cups sugar, and stir sticks $10
Baked Goods 24 hours
Muffins & Scones 12 minimum $1.75 each
Cakes and Bars Coffee cake, carrot cake, blueberry oat bar, peachy
crunch cake
1 pan(15 pieces) $25
Brownies and Blondies Better than Mom used to make! 1 pan
(15-18 pieces)
Deluxe Brownies May include fruit, nuts, chocolate chips,
peanut butter, coconut, etc.
1 pan
(15-18 pieces)
Rolls Sweet and sticky homemade pastries. 10 minimum $20
Cookies A variety of delicious cookies made from scratch. See Baked Goods menu for details. 12 minimum $1.50 each
Quiches Spinach-swiss, Lorraine, Mediterranean, Aztec, Southwestern 1 pan $18
Soups & Salads 24 hours
Bowl of Salad Green Salad with choice of Ranch , Italian, or Basil Pesto salad dressing. $2.75 per each additional serving 8 servings $26
Loaf of Bread Includes 6 butters 20-25 servings $3.25
Pot of Soup A variety of tasty homemade soups and stews. See
lunch menu for details.
20-25 servings $60
Sandwiches 24 hours
4” sandwiches w/ chips Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, Veggie, or Turkey. Each sandwich comes with lettuce and sprouts (tomato and cheese is $.50 extra) 1 person $5.75 each
Large bag of tortilla chips $10
Drinks All cooler drinks are purchased at our menu price
Lemonade and Iced Tea Tea is brewed fresh using premium Republic of Tea 1 gallon $10


Cafe Eats

Home baked goods at the Brown Dog Coffee CafeWe do all of our own baking right here at the café. We offer homemade scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, brownies, cookies, almond twists and homemade gluten-free items. We use only fresh, wholesome ingredients & bake every morning. See our new Fall Offerings!

We have homemade breakfast burritos & quiches, (vegetarian and meat) healthy smoothies, and granola & yogurt.

Our lunch menu includes vegetarian soups made from scratch, sandwiches, salads and quiches. Our veggie sandwich made with our homemade vegan hummus is a favorite! We use locally grown herbs and veggies whenever possible.


Cafe Drinks

Coffee at the Brown Dog Coffee Cafe Fresh-brewed coffees, stellar espresso drinks, shakes, and smoothies galore! Our coffee is our pride and joy. Come experience the art, creativity, and sip the perfection. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh ground coffee. Sample our favorite roasts and make sure to pick up a pound of beans to take home with you.
Brown Dog Coffee Company quality roasted beans

Please note that all whole bean coffees are sold by the pound. Dismiss